These Famous Black Women Over 50 Are The Real Definition Of Success & Fabulous

Michelle Obama does everything. She’s a caring spouse and mother and engages little youngsters and ladies across the world (while figuring out how to be the foundation of America). If that is not breathtaking, we don’t have the foggiest idea of what is.

Viola Davis



Image Credit:Ew

We love Viola Davis in both the cinema and the little screen. Step-by-step instructions to Get Away with Murder’s Annalise Keating is perhaps the fiercest lady on early evening TV and Viola is probably the fiercest lady in Hollywood! Continue to kill.

Tina Knowles



Image Credit:Oprahdaily

We’ve generally been in awe of Mama Knowles’ magnificence. At the point when she delivered her wedding photographs her faultlessness was reconfirmed, however, her new cover on Ebony Magazine gets it done.

Diana Ross



Image Credit:Theguardian

Ms. Ross is the zenith of style and beauty. She never neglects to wow us with her perfect style sense and unquestionable presence. We love to adore you, Diana

Angela Bassett



Image Credit:parade

We don’t have the foggiest idea how it’s conceivable, however every time we see Angela, it resembles she’s maturing backward. Ability and looks? This mother has everything

Robin Givens



Image Credit:Superstarsbio

In 2014, following the arrival of a film showing Ray Rice mishandling his life partner in a lift, Robin Givens focused on her involvement with a commentary for TIME. Givens, who endured maltreatment during her union with Mike Tyson.

Cynthia Bailey



Image Credit:Ew

How would this ever-enduring magnificence be able to respond? One of our beloved housewives, Bailey is a model, entertainer, and TV character with a developing design line, she’s doing everything

Lynn Whitfield



Image Credit/Twitter

What else might there be to say other than Black doesn’t break? The incredible entertainer doesn’t look a day older than 40.

Gladys Knight



Image Credit:Vogue

We think that the splendid grin Gladys Knight keeps all over has something to do with how brilliant she looks

Vivica A. Fox



Image Credit:Wikipedia

The multi-skilled entertainer has been on our screens for the greater part of our lives. You must begrudge that hustle.

Patti Labelle



Image Credit:Centralrecorder

Goodness, Miss. Patti. You won’t ever get her off her game. From the hair to her shoes, this diva is generally right on track

Alfre Woodard



Image Credit:Imdb

Alfre Woodard produces a specific quiet and coolness that we can all gain something from. The way that her skin seems as though a 30-year-old’s? All things considered, we suppose that is simply what tops off an already good thing.

Loretta Devine



Image Credit:Cheatsheet

Her unmistakable voice and evident appeal make Loretta one of our beloved imperishable wonders.

Robin Roberts

Image Credit:Abcnews

Seeing Robin’s shredder face consistently on Good Morning America immediately lights up our day (and makes us puzzle over whether the key to everlasting youth is awakening at 4 a.m.)

Oprah Winfrey

Image Credit:Wikipedia

Oprah improves with time. The news magnate makes everything look so natural, we nearly failed to remember she was 61.


Image Credit:Prevention

This model knows how to hold herself with an effortlessness that knows no age. She gives us genuine life objectives.

Tina Turner

Image Credit:Wikipedia

Tina Turner never neglects to convey developed lady remarkableness. We love the amazing way her young soul shows on her brilliant face.

Chaka Khan

Image Credit:Miamitimesonline

That hair! That skin! That shape! Chaka Khan has kept it tight throughout the long term and, surprisingly, got serious about shedding pounds to battle a diabetes conclusion. We’re propelled

Cicely Tyson

Image Credit:Elle

She wants no presentation. Even though she’s played the mother job in a few of our beloved motion pictures, she’s a hot mom off-screen!

Phylicia Rashad

Image Credit:Britannica

From her days playing the effective spouse, mother, and financial specialist that everybody needed to be to now, Phylicia Rashad is the exemplification of magnificence.

Vanessa Williams

Image Credit:Themoviedb

This triple danger is a danger on purpose. Her looks, voice, and acting abilities are an amazing powerhouse.

Debbie Allen

Image Credit:Wikipedia

Maybe Debbie Allen never runs out of energy! Whether she’s coordinating, dropping insight-filled statements, or just being her awesome self, her blissful soul generally radiates through.

Diahann Carroll

Image Credit:Lasentinel

A portion of her best work is accompanied by TV films, quite her exceptionally old Sadie Delany is just amazing from every aspect. Her birthday falls on the 17th of July.

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