Beautiful Photoshoot of Minal Khan for her Own Brand Aiman and Minal Closet

Flamingo is for the days when you can sip your mocktails from the glass, sitting on the porch of a beach house with a sea breeze playing with your hair. This dress gives you the feel of the free spirit you are and makes you feel gorgeous about yourself.

Be it a beach or party, you are dying to attend, Black Swan will put you in the spotlight and steal the show. Its classy style is made to perfection and designed to make you feel light and gorgeous at the same time. Fabric: Classic chiffon georgette

Pure leather and pure heart, two things to die for. An amalgam of redness, style, and elegance. Life is a race you need to win, and to win it at any cost. Mostly with the right choice of clothes. Victoria makes you feel gorgeous and confident to the extent of excellence.

A cranberry for you in this season of affection and warmth.

Front-open cotton long coat accentuated with belt along with metallic gold buckle and detailed notched lapel. Adding more extravagance with side slits and long adjustable drawstring bell sleeves.

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